Virtual Corporate Welfare Event

Inform employees about corporate benefits with a virtual fair. Help employees understand and choose the right benefit plan by connecting them with suppliers in real time

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Help employees learn about corporate benefits with an interactive virtual event

Offer suppliers the possibility of using effective tools such as webinars, presentations, brochures and chat systems to present their full range of employee benefits in the most compelling way.

Create awareness among employees using a customized landing page

Promote your trade fair on corporate benefits between old and new employees starting from an impactful landing page

An immersive 3D environment

HyperSmarter’s virtual corporate welfare events are real virtual fairs that offer visually engaging, interactive and extremely easy to navigate experiences. They don’t require any software download, are compatible with mobile devices and work with all modern browsers.

Customizable templates and stands

We can customize your virtual area in the image and likeness of your company, making it more familiar to your employees.

Share engaging content

Allow your partners to upload didactic material such as videos, presentations and documents to help employees learn more about the different benefits that are offered.

Allow employees to chat with corporate benefit representatives

Allow suppliers to interact with multiple employees at the same time and answer frequently asked questions in a group chat

Live Webinar: actively engage your employees

  • Direct and effective interaction
  • Interactive panels
  • Live video conference

Measure the success of the event with detailed reports

Measure the ROI of your event: Which type of benefit was the most requested? Which virtual stand was the most popular? Which content generated the most involvement? We answer these and other questions with our downloadable statistical reports.


How long does it take to set up an event for virtual corporate welfare?

A virtual corporate welfare event can take up to 2 weeks to set up. This includes setting up branding elements, designing virtual stands or stages, uploading content and planning webinars.

Which mobile devices support your solutions?

Hyper Smarter events are accessible from all mobile screens including smartphones (Android and iOS), tablets and laptops.

Which technology do I need to run a virtual corporate welfare event?

Hyper Smarter runs on the cloud without the need of any software installation to access the virtual event. All you need is a standard web browser and a stable internet connection.

Can videoconferencing be used in multiple ways?

Yes. Experts can host live webinar sessions during the event and can also upload pre-recorded video tutorials. Virtual stands can also be enabled for video chats for information purposes and respond correctly to all visitor requests.