Virtual Motor Show

Engage potential customers around the world with a virtual auto or motorcycle show. Take advantage of the vast reach and potential of a virtual platform by bringing your auto and motorcycle show online

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Display the best cars and motorcycles in your virtual motor show

Allow companies to showcase their best deals to car and motorcycle enthusiasts around the world: increase engagement, monetize participation and have real-time conversations with a spectacular virtual event

Engage potential customers in an engaging and safe virtual environment

With useful help desks and personalized virtual cars and motorbikes stands arranged throughout the virtual exhibition area, allow your visitors to get involved and easily interact with the stands of their interest

Allow resellers to upload their ads and promote their offers through customized virtual stands

  • Use our highly configurable stands to allow displayed retailers to customize their space and showcase their models
  • Allow your auto and motorbike show exhibitors to promote their offers through Webinars and engaging chat tools.

Engage attendees with webinars and chat rooms

Instantly answer your visitors’ doubts and questions through online Q & As. Directly connect them with the exhibitors inside your car and virtual motorbike show with live group forums.

  • Safe and fast interaction
  • Interactive panels
  • Live video conference


Share quality content and information in your virtual Auto and Moto Show

  • Explanatory and emotional videos
  • Datasheets
  • Discounts
  • Product photos

Enhance the entire experience of your auto and moto show

Don’t leave your buyers passive at your virtual auto and moto show. Offer them the opportunity to fill up a wishlist: it is a tangible way to understand the real interest of your participants and opens the possibility of elaborating remarketing actions. Allow visitors to search and save content and information in their virtual profile


Direct connection forms during your auto and moto show

Convert your visitors by allowing them to fill out forms and bid on cars and motorcycles that are displayed at the virtual motor show. You will be able to use this information to help your exhibitors achieve a more effective follow-up with interested customers.

Measure the ROI of your event with detailed reports.

Measure the success of your virtual auto and moto show through detailed statistical reports that will show you:

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of chat room interactions
  • Number of downloads and views

Your virtual auto and moto show is in good hands thanks to a dedicated event manager

Our team is ready to meet your requests and concerns before, during and after the event: Experience your auto and moto show in a virtual environment without leaving your home or office.


Which technology do I need to run a Virtual Auto and Moto Show?

Hyper Smarter runs on the cloud without the need of any software installation to access your virtual auto and moto show. All you need is a standard web browser and a stable internet connection.

How many visitors and exhibitors can virtual auto and moto shows host?

Virtual auto and moto shows can have an unlimited number of stands for exhibitors and can support thousands of visitors at any time.

How can you monetize the event's participation?

Exhibitors can be charged for virtual spaces for their stands and branding elements present throughout the virtual area. It is also possible to charge participants with an entrance fee by asking them to buy an online ticket or pay a participation fee during access procedures.

Which types of tools for the generation and qualification of leads are available?

Lead management is as important as the event itself. Hyper Smarter has several methods to help you obtain, track and optimize leads. It is possible to use automatic lead counting and tracking in order to understand from which channel they come from. It is also possible to export files with information relating to surveys, registration to events or virtual stands: all this information can be used to carry out targeted marketing actions.