Attend GECO, the virtual sustainability trade show

GECO is the first major virtual event focusing entirely on sustainability. It was created by a team of Italian event professionals, with the goal of offering exhibitors and buyers a platform on which to discuss the future of sustainable innovation and green tech and their implementation in a variety of industries, from tourism to mobility and energy. The exhibition will take place from January 28th to 30th and it will run entirely on our platform. Hypersmarter provided the perfect virtual solution to allow buyers, visitors, companies, and professionals to meet in a safe and effective way, interact, and take part in webinars, talks, panels, and meetings.

GECO Expo: what you need to know

Professionals from several industries will be able to display their products and services through their virtual booths, introducing innovations in the fields of tourism, new mobility technologies, and sustainable energy. GECO will be a reference point for professionals and stakeholders pursuing a green approach to their industry. Attending GECO is extremely easy: the Hypersmarter platform will give you access to a new, highly interactive, and entirely virtual experience. Each user will be able to create their own customised avatar to move around the booths, interact with others, network, and take part in scheduled meetings. Another truly revolutionary aspect of this event is there is no entry fee, which constitutes a major advantage for small companies, which are often unable to attend traditional trade shows due to the high cost of travel and the steep ticket prices.

What makes a virtual trade show “sustainable”?

The idea of organising a virtual trade show arises not only from issues related to the participants’ safety in times of social distancing but also to pursue a green approach to event planning.

A virtual show is in fact much more sustainable than a traditional one, as it eliminates the need for both the organisers and the attendees to travel to the appointed venue. Moreover, all the energy consumption and waste production that normally derive from keeping a large venue open for several days and providing food and services to a large crowd contribute significantly to a traditional event’s carbon footprint. The only energy “consumed” by GECO’s attendees will be the power they need to keep their laptops running (which should still be addressed, but bears no comparison to the alternative.

Another advantage in terms of environmental impact is the reduction of paper waste: GECO attendees will be able to share multimedia footage and promotional material, which will not only offer better quality and richer content but will also replace traditional paper brochures, cutting costs and reducing waste.

GECO: exhibitors and buyers’ innovations for a better future

GECO will engage experts from the tourism, mobility, and energy industries, green tech companies, digital influencers, bloggers, and charitable and cultural bodies committed to creating a sustainable future. Participants will have the opportunity to network and connect, finding like-minded partners and buyers for their projects.